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FakeDocA friend of mine recently wrote: "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach Keidi to fish and the whole nation eats." To say the least, that is a humbling and complimentary message for which I am so grateful.

I believe my friend to be true. As many of you have heard (probably more times than you care to remember) I was nearly incapacitated by a drunk driver smashing into the back of my minivan with me standing behind it. Yet, as devastating as this accident was, I emerged without even one broken bone. I am convinced that I am living a miracle and I owe this miracle in no small part to my decades of continuing to refine my nutrition and health lifestyle.

Yet, too many people within our community are habitually engaging in patterns of eating which we are calling "Chewicide." We know that we can do better but we have to compete against a constant stream of media programming that promotes consumption of some of the most unnatural, disease-provoking "food" that has ever existed. The consequence of this malnutrition has resulted in a spectrum of chronic diseases that are reaching into ever younger populations. We have got to STOP THIS MADNESS!

With your assistance, we are raising our own media project to serve as an alternative inspiration. CHEWICIDE, THE MOVIE is expected to reach many thousands of families with a clear cut message on how we must and can do better.

So please tell your friends to tell their friends that we have a better way now. With your assistance, I pledge to bring the finest documentary that we can produce. It'll be funny, informative, inspiring and accessible to all of those most in need of nutrition transformation.

Chef Keidi Awadu / The Conscious Rasta
aka "Fake Doctor Keidi"