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keidi_producerI've been researching and writing about critical issues of health since the early 1990's and produced a series of books, THE CONSCIOUS RASTA REPORT's from 1996-2000. After a few years of frustration over declining support of books I took a break for over 10 years. With the release of LIVING SUPERFOOD RECIPES in 2011, I felt the fire again and have since completed six books, most of which center on nutrition, health in general, and empowering themes.

Over the course of this time I got heavily into broadcast journalism. As a web radio I pioneered the largely untapped field of culturally-centered communication and used my extensive background in computer technologies to gain an edge in web radio, IPTV and Low Power FM Radio. Concordant studies also kept me well informed on a wide variety of subjects including sociology, communications, future studies, technology, healthcare and economics, among others.

CHEWICIDE, THE MOVIE comes from my strong motivation to put all of these studies together in a manner by which a critical mass of people can organize themselves toward empowerment and the ability to hold back corporate malfeasance which is hurting so many individuals within society. The research science which underlies much of the documentary, or "cultural commentary" which is how I see it, goes deep into areas of scientific exploration and biology not available to many people.

I made it a point to inject a significant amount of humor into the documentary because I've long been convinced that humor is one of the most effective means of conveying serious information to people who may not have the patience or desire to be "lectured to." Therefore, throughout the film you will be invited to laugh at those many habits that we maintain because...well, just because we do.

Another important point about the film is that this is a "cultural commentary" and I have thus made use of the Fair Use Policy, whereby media that is commonly distributed across the Internet itself becomes subject of the commentary as well as it is supportive of the ideas common to various producers. Obviously, I strongly believe in the idea of"The Commons" whereby progressive people should draw from common resources, supporting each other all the while, while motivated by a strong desire to make the common audience the primary beneficiary of our body of work. Over the years I have had my own material used by various creative individuals and in the majority of cases have tolerated such use because I can sympathize with the intention of such individuals and their struggle to do a lot with too few resources.

Get ready because we are committed to this course at this point. In the first six months of 2014, I've added 3 books and 1 1/2 documentaries to my credentials (I filmed and edited one DVD project in association with my Brother Yaw Davis who was producer and director). For the rest of the year, there might be as many as 3 more books and 2 more documentaries. This is very ambitious, hence expensive, but the need is driving the level of productivity. I would like to spend more recreation time spending this money on Jamaican and Ghanaian beaches.

Keidi Awadu / The Conscious Rasta
aka "Fake Doctor Keidi"